Alkyl glycosides have certain advantages in the preparation and application of daily chemical products

Alkyl glycosides can be used in many industries and fields, such as: washing industry, cosmetics industry, food processing industry, textile printing and dyeing, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. As raw materials for non-ionic neutral detergents, it has broad application prospects and is available Used in high-grade clothes cleaning agent. In addition, alkyl glycosides have a broad-spectrum antibacterial activity against Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it has more advantages as tableware cleaning agent, shampoo, skin cleaning agent and toilet cleaning agent. Alkyl glycosides can also be used as emulsifiers, wetting agents, foaming agents, thickeners, dispersants and dustproof agents. In recent years, it has achieved good application effects in pesticide emulsifiers.

As a new type of nonionic surfactant, alkyl glycosides have many unique advantages. For example, it has obvious synergistic effect with anionic surfactant; rich in foam; less irritating to the skin; non-toxic and good biodegradability, etc., which makes the alkyl glycosides have a certain Superiority, which has been widely used.

Shampoo: Using alkyl glycoside can be made into non-toxic nutritional shampoo, no harm to the human body and hair, no irritation, can nourish the hair, moisturize the hair, and make it long-term moisturizing, to prevent hair dryness and split ends; use After the hair is smooth and smooth, easy to comb, anti-static, no pollution to the environment. Alkyl glycosides are rich in foam, suitable in viscosity, and have good detergency.

Skin cleansing: as mentioned before. Alkyl glycosides have almost no irritation to human skin. Therefore, alkyl glycosides are completely suitable for use in products such as skin cleansing baths and facial cleansers. At the same time, the phase behavior of alkyl glycosides also makes alkyl glycosides easy to compound with other surfactants to form products.

Laundry liquid: In the series of alkyl glycosides, alkyl glycoside as a nonionic surfactant is particularly effective in removing oily dirt. The application of alkyl glycosides in laundry detergents has the following advantages:

① It can produce rich and delicate foam. Due to the existence of these delicate bubbles, the friction of clothes, especially fine clothes, such as wool and silk products in the washing machine is reduced, which is beneficial to the protection of fabrics.

②Suitable for washing in cold water.

③ Reduce the irritation of laundry detergent. The laundry detergent equipped with alkyl glycoside can effectively remove soil and oil stains, and has both softness, antistatic property and shrinkage resistance, and can be used normally in hard water.


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