Alcohol Ether Carboxylate(AEC)

The general structural formula is: R- (OCH2CH2) nOCH2COONa, which is a new type of multifunctional anionic surfactant. Its structure is very similar to that of soap, but the embedded EO chain makes it both anionic and non- Ionic surfactant characteristics, it can be used in a wide range of pH conditions, mainly as follows: Excellent solubilization performance, suitable for the preparation of functional transparent products.  

Alkyl Ethoxy Polyglycosides(AEG)

AEG is afforded by acetalation of polyoxyethylene lauryl ether (AEO3 or AEO4) and pharmaceutical grade anhydrous glucose. 

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Jiangsu WanQi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (WanQi) is an advanced industrial enterprise, focused on researching and producing green & environmentally friendly surfactants. WanQi is located in Nantong of Jiangsu Province with convenient transportation. It is about 200kms from Shanghai and Nanjing.

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Congratulations! Wan Qi Group and Wilmar established powerful combination!

Wanqi Wilmar(Taizhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. which is a joint venture between Jiangsu Wanqi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.(Wanqi Group) and Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co., Ltd.(Belongs to Wilmar International Group) officially established on Dec 7, 2022. Yihai Kerry Arawana Holdings Co., Ltd. is an important oils, starches and glucose supplier in global. While Wanqi Group is the main domestic manufacturing enterprise on glucoside surfactants. The cooperation has further optimized and guaranteed the supply chain system of Wanqi Group, and laid a solid foundation for achieving the goal of annual production of 200,000 tons green surfactants. The two companies have similar ideas and core values. We believe that with the opportunity of cooperation with Wilmar, and under the original intention of always adhering to environmental protection and green responsibility, Wanqi Group will make a contribution to the carbon emissions peak and carbon neutrality of China and the world.

Successfully held exhibiton "In cosmetic Aisa 2022" in Thailand

This is the first time for WanQi to go abroad to attend the exhibition in three years after the epidemic.  We met a lot of old friends and new customers. We got a lot of out it, hope we are doing better and better in the APG industry.