WanQi attends ‘in-cosmetic 2019’

1. WanQi attends ‘in-cosmetic global 2019’ in France
April 2~4, ‘in-cosmetic global 2019’ was hold in city of romantic-France, General Manager Mr Jin with two members of foreign trade departmen attended the exhibition.
Many customers mainly from European countries, such as Turkey, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands appeared in the exhibition.They gave full recognition of the products of WanQi after deep communication and expressed their willingness to cooperate.

2.WanQi attends ‘in-cosmetic acia 2019’ in Bangkok
November 5~6, ‘in-cosmetic acia 2019’ was hold in core city of southeast acia- Bangkok, Thailand. It is widely received and welcomed by proffesional visitors.
As one of the main domestic manufacturers of APG green surfactant, WanQi participated this exhibition.
APG as a green, environmental, popular products is still outstanding. Customers from emerging markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia are showing strong interest on APG.



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